Customs Clearance is the required process for recording the arrival and departure of goods as they enter or exit a country where a customs border exists. It involves the calculation of VAT and duties that may be due on those goods and following the correct procedure to have the goods enter or exit that country lawfully.

We provide a comprehensive customs clearance service to businesses based in Ireland importing and exporting goods all over the world. Through our team who have a wealth of experience and a deep knowledge of international trade procedures, we have become a trusted Customs Broker for companies of all sizes.

Whomever you have transporting your goods, we can complete the customs clearance procedure, advising your chosen haulier direct in order to complete the deliveries on your behalf.

Preparing documentation and clearance through relevant channels for goods via Land, Sea and Air.

We are dedicated to provide a professional and compliant service, so you can rest assured, your business is in safe hands.