We are committed to carry out our work in a manner that minimises our carbon footprint on the environment both locally and globally

We operate a modern fleet of trucks maintained by HGV Mechanic team, ensuring each piece of equipment is fully serviced, safe and legally compliant at our with drivers trained in the latest driving techniques which minimise fuel consumption and emissions. Our inhouse team operate both at our Taghmon and Rosslare Harbour depots.

Perennial Freight runs a modern truck fleet (63% with EU6 engines). Our drivers are well trained and incentivized towards eco-driving while we also track and monitor the performance and behaviour of both drivers and trucks.

The company is a long-time member of ECOFLEET, a branded fleet fuel performance management programme with FTA, providing training and online support to achieve lower CO2 emissions under the EEOS Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EU EED 2012 Article 7). Since our joining to the program in 2013 we have reduced our carbon footprint and avoided emitting 1.1 million kgs of CO2 (calculated using GLEC Framework factors)

We believe operational safety and maintenance is a key part of sustainability; our maintenance regime has been scrutinised and approved by RSA multiple times and Perennial Freight is currently ranked within the 82nd percentile on the Roadworthiness Risk Rating scale. The ranking is based on a comparison to all other HCV operators assessed for Roadworthiness compliance. The Roadworthiness Risk Rating is based on compliance assessments at roadside and premises inspections, vehicle tests, and Self-Declaration status.

The management is fully committed to continue our partnership with ECOFLEET and maintain the level of training, monitoring and financial incentives within our fleet. We embrace new technologies in our procedures in order to achieve a safer, more efficient and sustainable operation.

Going froward, we are expecting 10 EU6 trucks to be delivered this year to replace older EU5 models.

We are currently in the negotiations stage of our solar technology project that is to be realised this year in our new site in Rosslare to reduce our grid electricity usage and therefore our CO2 consumption. Furthermore, our company has signed a supply agreement with a new electricity provider that will deliver 100% renewable electricity to all our premises starting in 2022